Latest OZ Powerball Results

The latest Australian Powerball results are in! Find all the information you need on the winning Australian Powerball lottery numbers here at Lottoz. The Oz Powerball is drawn on Thursdays at 10:30am GMT, and our page is as up-to-date as it gets. Below you'll find the numerous prize tiers, the numbers from the latest Oz Powerball Lotto draw and a catalog of historical numbers that come from past drawings. Be sure to take part in the next draw!

latest draw results:

Oz Powerball Statistics:

Fill more than 2 lines
Use their BDay numbers
Highest jackpots won by random picks
+ 67%
From last Jackpot

hot and cold numbers

(last 100 draws)

Hot Oz Powerball Numbers3 7 13 14 17 32
Cold Oz Powerball Numbers27 36 37 38 39 40

jackpot changes

Oz Powerball odds:

1 in 134,490,400
1 in 7,078,442
1 in 686,175
1 in 36,114
1 in 16,942
1 in 891
1 in 1,172
1 in 187
1 in 65
Next draw Dec 20, 2018
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If facts and data are your thing, do what many strategic players do, and utilize our historical Australian Powerball lottery numbers to improve their odds for future draws. With Lottoz, you can do that as well! After the weekly draw, you'll be able to see the numbers on this page reflect the Australian Powerball results, so you'll know precisely where you're situated within the prize tiers and how much you've won. Know what? If you're already here, why not get a jump start and make your lottery numbers pick for the next Oz Powerball draw?

This Australian Powerball lottery has a history of substantial jackpots, with a record-setting amount of AUD$80,000,000! Just think of the wild fantasies you can realize with that amount of money – plus, you'll be able to make sure your family and loved-ones are taken care of for many years to come.

We look forward to sharing in your good news when you celebrate a win. We'll see you at the next draw!

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