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Lottery Name: Oz Lotto
Country: Australia
Lottery Draw Time: Tue
Minimum jackpot: €1,300,000
Number to pick: 7 out of 45
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 to 45,379,620 (See all prizes odds)
Dec 11, 2018 Oz Lotto Results

The Oz Lotto

While the name may bring about images of a certain classic movie, the real home of the Oz lotto isn’t the fantastical Land of Oz – but Australia. It was the first national game for the Aussies, who had been missing a national Australian lottery until 1994, and the game has lived on in glory since then. It’s beloved for its huge jackpots, with the record-setting win of $100,000,000 featuring literally a third of Australian adults participating.

Even the minimum jackpot is $2 million – changing the life of the winner forever, even if the jackpot is hit on the first draw.

How to Play Oz Lotto Online

The lucky number seven rules this classic game, with players required to choose seven numbers from between 1 and 45. To win, you just need to match all seven. There are also two bonus balls that decide the prizes for other tiers. If you’re looking to cash in on the Oz Lotto’s very lowest tier, you just need to match three of the seven main balls and a single bonus ball. Easy and cake! But what are your odds?

Oz Lotto Odds

Best lottery odds Australia! The odds for winning a prize in any tier, besides the top one of course, is an amazing 1 in 87. This is leagues ahead of many popular lotteries, and the jackpot odds are also great. If the whole pie is the minimum you’ll accept, your odds stand at a cool 1 in 45,000,000. Be sure to keep your eyes on our Oz Australian Lottery results page during the drawing, to see what you’ve won and which prize tier is yours!

Assuming you’ve picked 12 sets of numbers for the upcoming draw, our experts have calculated your odds of winning a prize from the secondary tiers are an amazing 1 in 7!

Oz Lotto Draw Time

The prestigious Oz Lotto is drawn on just one day, Tuesday. An interesting choice for a single drawing day, to be sure, but then again – this is Oz we’re talking about. At 8:30pm AEST, when the Tuesday Oz lotto results are being published, you’ll find out what you’ve won. Ever wanted to be famous in Australia? Tuesdays might just be your day to fulfill that dream.

Play the Oz Lotto with Lottoz by picking the Australian lottery numbers that show up in the upcoming drawing. It’s a great way to boost your odds of winning. Good luck!

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hot and cold numbers

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Hot Oz Lotto Numbers2 3 11 27 35 38
Cold Oz Lotto Numbers6 10 17 42 43 44

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Oz Lotto odds:

1 in 45,379,620
1 in 180,078
1 in 3,430
1 in 154
1 in 87

Oz Lotto

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Oz Lotto:€3.2Million
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