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Lottery Name: Mega-Sena
Country: Brazil
Lottery Draw Time: Wed, Sat
Minimum jackpot: €442,000
Number to pick: 6 out of 60
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 to 50,063,860 (See all prizes odds)
Dec 15, 2018 Mega-Sena Results

Mega Sena – The Brazil Lottery Taking the World by Storm

Mega Sena, the biggest Brazilian lottery, has landed in Lottoz and we're happy to say – it's quite the sensation! Playing Mega Sena online has never been easier, and you’re now eligible to potentially win some incredible cash prizes, including the Mega Sena jackpot, holding a record of a $35 million single ticket win!

In South America, the words "jogo Mega Sena" are often heard, as this Brazil lottery is played by millions of loyal fans. Serving up a unique number-selection system, the Mega Sena loteria is as exciting as it gets. Numbers are drawn from two separate ball cages to create duos, which, in turn, form a 2-digit number ranging from 1 to 60. All you have to do in order to jogo Mega Sena, which means play Mega Sena, is select six numbers and patiently wait the draw. With Lottoz, you’ll be able to see the Resultado Mega Sena as soon as they’re announced on our dedicated results page!

Mega Sena Odds

If you want a shot at entering the fabulous Mega Sena prize tiers, you’ll have to match at least 4 numbers. If you’re a player who only has eyes for the top prize, your chances of hitting the Mega Sena jackpot 1 in 50,000,000 – not bad at all, considering this is the biggest lottery in Brazil, these are amazing odds. There are only two other prize tiers at odds of 1 in 154,000 and 1 in 2,332 respectively. While the Mega Sena jackpot takes up 35% of the prize pool, both the second and the third tiers offer prizes worth 19% of the entire pool! It’s no wonder many players prefer the secondary odds.

The “Mega da Virada”

The Mega Sena loteria saves 5% of the prize pool for a yearly event called the Mega da Virada. This annual draw takes place on New Year’s Eve and offers up a gigantic jackpot, which currently holds a record of a whopping $225 million! What a way to start a year, right? As Mega Sena gains popularity those 5% become bigger with each passing year – causing the Mega da Virada jackpot to increase as well.

Play Mega Sena Online

Now, you can take part of the Mega Sena lottery by picking you numbers with Lottoz, secure you ticket and prepare for the next draw. We’re happy to be bringing you the excitement and fantasy of magical Brazil! You could be well on your way to living out your dreams, as early as the night of the next Mega Sena draw. Buy your ticket today, play Mega Sena online and get ready for life to become a Carnival!

Chance to win a prize on Saturday
Winners claim prize in 5 days
Trust hot & cold numbers
+ 17%
From last Jackpot

hot and cold numbers

(last 100 draws)

Hot Mega-Sena Numbers11 13 18 27 37 38
Cold Mega-Sena Numbers21 28 29 32 41 47

jackpot changes

Mega-Sena odds:

1 in 50,063,860
1 in 154,518
1 in 2,332


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