La Primitiva Results

The pride of Spain and the oldest lottery in the entire world publishes its results right here, directly after the draw every Thursday and Saturday. The La Primitiva lottery results this week could include your name — so watch closely, because this lotto has a tendency of making millionaires! One of the biggest single-winner jackpots of all time was given out by La Primitiva: a huge sum of over €100 million!

latest draw results:

La Primitiva Statistics:

Major wins are shared
Minimum jackpot
Disregard hot & cold numbers
+ 1%
From last Jackpot

hot and cold numbers

(last 100 draws)

Hot La Primitiva Numbers2 12 16 24 34 40
Cold La Primitiva Numbers1 3 6 14 22 23

jackpot changes

La Primitiva odds:

1 in 13,983,816
1 in 54,201
1 in 1,032
1 in 57
Next draw Nov 22, 2018
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This week’s La Primitiva results and the list of winning numbers throughout the long history of this ancient and glorious lottery are found here. Remember, all you need to do to win the jackpot is the match six numbers drawn. If your extra reintegro number is drawn as well, the jackpot magnifies in size by an enormous amount.

Even if your numbers aren’t the luckiest this week, be sure to pick again for the following La Primitiva draw. The jackpot gets bigger and bigger with each passing day, and this Spanish lottery in particular is famous for paying out. You can check to see which prize tier your latest numbers belong to on this page as well, and prepare to be impressed — because La Primitiva is known for making the pockets of its players bulge!

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Next draw Nov 22, 2018
Next La Primitiva Draw
Next La Primitiva Draw
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