EuroMillions Lottery Results

The winning numbers from the latest EuroMillions draw have their home base at Lottoz. EuroMillions results fly in right after the drawing every Tuesday and Friday for all the fans of this fantastic game. Did you know that its biggest jackpot recorded was over €190,000,000? Check the EuroMillions results here to see if the next one is yours!

latest draw results:

EuroMillions Statistics:

Minimum Jackpot
Draws a week
Win a prize on Tuesday
+ 13%
From last Jackpot

hot and cold numbers

(last 100 draws)

Hot EuroMillions Numbers1 2 3 4 11 12
Cold EuroMillions Numbers19 22 34 35 39 47

jackpot changes

EuroMillions odds:

1 in 139,838,160
1 in 6,991,908
1 in 3,107,515
1 in 621,503
1 in 31,076
1 in 13,812
1 in 14,126
1 in 707
1 in 314
1 in 986
1 in 50
1 in 22
1 in 188
Next draw Dec 18, 2018
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Next EuroMillions Draw

Fans of EuroMillions from countries all across Europe all look forward to Friday as their favorite day of the week, referred to by insiders as ‘EuroMillions Friday’ — this is when the latest EuroMillion draw is watched by millions at once. Find the winning numbers here, as well as the list of numbers popping up in the entire EuroMillions draw history, for those who use this precious data as part of their strategy.

Are you the tonight’s lucky winner? The odds may be with you, considering the chances of winning a prize are an excellent 1 in 13! This page has information on which numbers won the latest jackpot, as well as each set of numbers for all winning tiers. Remember, even if there isn’t a winner, it doesn’t mean there won’t be. In fact, the longer the EuroMillions checker goes without finding the jackpot’s winning numbers, the bigger the jackpot will be… and it might just be yours!

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Next draw Dec 18, 2018
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Next EuroMillions Draw
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