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This is the one-stop shop for all EuroJackpot results and winning numbers, present and past! Though this lotto is relatively young compared with others, it didn’t take long for it to create a jackpot giant enough for the world record books – and this is what makes it a crowd favorite. Make sure to get in on the action every Friday!

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EuroJackpot Statistics:

Use lucky numbers
Jackpot wins are single ticket
In every 23 - wins
From last Jackpot

hot and cold numbers

(last 100 draws)

Hot EuroJackpot Numbers4 5 7 8 9 10
Cold EuroJackpot Numbers11 20 37 38 47 50

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EuroJackpot odds:

1 in 95,344,200
1 in 5,959,013
1 in 3,405,150
1 in 423,752
1 in 26,485
1 in 15,134
1 in 9,631
1 in 602
1 in 344
1 in 672
1 in 42
1 in 128
Next draw Dec 21, 2018
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Just a few years after its birth in 2012, a lucky lottery player from the Czech Republic reeled in over €90,000,000! Had he won just the minimum of €10,000,000, his life would still never be the same.

Over 17 countries participate in this lottery, all eagerly waiting for the official EuroJackpot results that come with every Friday’s draw. The sheer number of players means that the jackpots get big, and do it fast. EuroJackpot is sure to be an important part of your lottery schedule, even if it’s just to start the weekend off on a happy note — because the odds of winning a prize are an amazing 1 in 23!

Remember, though it’s still a baby compared to other lotteries like Powerball, your odds are much better and the jackpot can still make any dream come true. The entire history of the EuroJackpot’s drawings results are listed here for your convenience, so brush up and make the next one count!

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Next draw Dec 21, 2018
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