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Lottery Name: El Gordo
Country: Spain
Lottery Draw Time: Sun
Minimum jackpot: €5,000,000
Number to pick: 5 out of 54
First Prize Jackpot Odds: 1 to 31,625,100 (See all prizes odds)
Nov 11, 2018 El Gordo Results

The World is Watching El Gordo

The El Gordo lottery is a Spanish tradition, and in terms of payout, it is certainly one worth taking part in! Every Sunday afternoon, Spanish citizens enjoy their day off by participating in the weekly draw for a chance to win big money. The current €33 million record is just waiting to be broken! With a guaranteed minimum of a cool €5 million, there’s no wonder this weekly lottery has become a Spanish favorite.

How to play the El Gordo lottery

How do you play the El Gordo Spanish Lottery? It’s simple (and fun)! All you need to do is choose Five numbers from a grid of 1-54, and then key number from a grid of 0-9. That's it! The jackpot will go to whoever gets a perfect 5+1 match. If more than one winner is announced, prize money is equally divided between the lucky ones.

El Gordo Odds

What are the odds of winning at El Gordo? Pretty good if you ask us. The major jackpot accounts for 22% of collections and you stand a 1 in 31,000,000 of landing the big prize — very reasonable odds in comparison to other lotteries out there. But what makes El Gordo truly fun are the 1 to 10 odds at winning any prize.

Odds become much better with 1 to 3,000,000 for second prize, but things really get going with a fabulous 1 to 129,000 chance at nabbing the third-tier reward. The massive number of winners across all prize categories has made El Gordo tremendously popular in Spain, with players eagerly awaiting the weekend to get their lottery on!

When no winners are announced, the El Gordo jackpot automatically transfers to next Sunday’s drawing, making it possible for players to walk away with even bigger rewards — in all prize tiers. Fun, excitement and a huge pool of winners? You should already be setting up for next Sunday and join in on the action!

Drawing the El Gordo Jackpot

El Gordo is a lottery you don’t see every day. Promising fantastic odds across all tiers it has become a staple of Spanish Sunday tradition. It offers players a real opportunity to change their lives — whether they do it with a mind-blowing jackpot prize or a nice tidy sum to pamper themselves and their families with.

Now you can participate in the El Gordo lottery too, right here with Lottoz. Play the El Gordo lottery simply by guessing which numbers will show in the two-grid drawing. You may be well on your way to a life-altering prize! Make sure to stay updated with the latest El Gordo results to see if you had the lucky numbers!

Use their lucky numbers
Jackpots won are shared
Minimum jackpot
+ 7%
From last Jackpot

hot and cold numbers

(last 100 draws)

Hot El Gordo Numbers3 5 8 11 42 52
Cold El Gordo Numbers10 14 16 39 50 54

jackpot changes

El Gordo odds:

1 in 31,625,100
1 in 3,513,900
1 in 129,082
1 in 14,342
1 in 2,689
1 in 299
1 in 172
1 in 19
1 in 10

El Gordo

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Total: €0.00
El Gordo:€6.2Million
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