What are my chances of winning the lottery?

There are many factors that determine your odds for winning the lottery, and not all these factors are the same between lotteries. The number of people participating in the lottery, the number of digits you must pick, the size of the range that you’re picking from, and, of course how many sets of numbers you pick, all affect your odds.

Typically, the odds of winning the jackpot in any national or multi-state lottery is one in several million. However, that shouldn’t put you off! Someone must win, after all, and secondary prizes below the jackpot are often impressive. They number in the millions of dollars or euros, and their odds are much better.

I want to play lotteries in other countries. Can I?

Of course you can! As a Lottoz customer, you can play and win any of the national or multi-state lotteries that we offer from the comfort of your home. Wherever it may be. You do this by simply picking you numbers and securing your ticket for that lottery’s upcoming draw.

I’m 18. Am I old enough to participate?

To be able to use the services that Lottoz provides, you must be at least age 18. Most lotteries require this, and we are no different. We are committed to ensuring a responsible gaming environment, and age restrictions are an integral part of making our experience as safe as possible.

Is there a deadline for submitting the numbers I’ve picked?

Yes, but each deadline is different depending on the lottery that you’re participating in. You can check to see the cutoff time for submitting picks on that lottery’s individual page.

How do I play the lottery?

Playing with Lottoz is simple and fun! First, you need to choose which lottery you’d like to participate in. The rules for most lotteries will ask you to pick numbers from a range of 1 to a higher digit. Some lotteries have a smaller range then others, and some will ask you to pick less numbers. After you’ve submitted your picks, you will secure your ticket purchase, and wait until that lottery’s official draw time. During the draw, lotto officials select the numbers using a method that ensures proper randomization. If the numbers match the ones you picked, you’ve won the jackpot!

Do I need to pick all the numbers correctly to win a prize?

No. In fact, most lotteries have an array of impressive secondary prize tiers that you can win by picking only a few of the numbers correctly. The more numbers you pick that show up in the draw, the bigger the prize!

How do I know which numbers to pick?

Many people choose their numbers based on a digit or series of digits that has inexplicably stuck with them for a long time. This is referred to as a lucky number. Other lucky numbers may include a combination of digits from important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries, their football jersey number, or anything else that bears personal significance.

Other players choose their numbers based on a system. Some determine them based on the history of chosen numbers for any single lottery, giving special attention to numbers that show up often. There are many systems around, as well as many followers. However, it’s eventually up to you to choose your numbers, and there's no evidence to indicate that complete randomization is a better or worse strategy than anything else.

How do I win, and how do I know when I’ve won?

If you’re watching the draw or are looking on the corresponding Lottoz results page, you win when the numbers you’ve picked are the same as the ones drawn. Many lotteries feature impressive secondary prize tiers, where you can win huge sums of money even if you don’t match every number. If you aren’t watching the draw, have no fear! You can always check your results in the ‘My Account’ section, and if you’ve won the jackpot, we’ll contact you personally to give you the great news.

What happens if no one wins during the draw?

In each draw, there are many people out there who have won secondary prizes. However, it isn’t uncommon for a draw to go by without anyone winning the jackpot. When this happens, the jackpot will usually grow larger and roll over to the next draw. Some lotteries increase the jackpot based on how many picks or participants the draw included, others increase it by a flat number like $1 million for each draw, and other variations to this rule exist. The bottom line is: the longer a lottery goes without a winner, the larger the coveted jackpot becomes, making it all the more exciting to enter the next draw.

Do I have to play from my own computer?

Nope! You can log into your account and play your favorite lotteries from any computer, making it nearly impossible for you to miss an important draw. In addition, you can easily participate from your smartphone, so even when you're on-the-go, you're just a swipe away from the next big draw and its jackpot.

What happens if I lose my numbers?

As soon as you pick your numbers, the ‘My Account’ page will display your picks and all the relevant information you need. This includes; which lottery you’re participating in, when the next draw is, your numbers, total winnings and current balance. If you misplace this information, simply call our dedicated customer support team and they'll happily retrieve it for you!

Will my prize get taxed?

While many jackpots aren’t taxed, some are. Whether your prize is taxed depends on the lottery you participate in.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Oops! You’ve forgotten your password? That’s ok, you can retrieve it by clicking on the ‘Forgot My Password’ link on the login page. There, you’ll be prompted to enter the email you used when signing up, and the password reset information will be sent to that address. If the problem persists, please contact customer support at any time, 24/7, and we will fix this issue immediately.

How do I see which numbers have won in the past?

Each of the lotteries on Lottoz have their own results page, where customers can get a glimpse of all the relevant information for that lottery. This includes the exact time of the next draw, the size of the current jackpot, and yes, all the numbers that were drawn for that lottery’s jackpot throughout history.

Are Lottoz games legitimate?

Yes, completely. Lottoz is a legal business that operates under extreme regulation. Our customer data, details and funds are kept at the highest level of security, and we are proud to be a legitimate, responsible part of the gaming ecosystem.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

We make it our mission to provide our customers with the best support possible. If we haven’t answered one of the questions you have, please contact our dedicated and highly skilled customer support team. They’re available by phone and email and are always prepared to help you with whatever issue is troubling you. We're here for you!

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